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  1. Are there any discounts for bulk purchases?

    All registered customers can avail of discounts at bulk purchases.

  2. What is time period for delivery of ordered goods?

    In Abu Dhabi we deliver the goods wihin 12 hours of purchase.

    In Dubai we deliver goods within one day of purchases.

  3. If I do not find any product on your site, what can I do?

    If you are interested in any computer product or any brand of your interest, you can contact us and request for that product. If it is possible we will try to bring that product for you or add the same to our line of business.

  4. Can you assemble a PC as per my configuration?

    Yes.  Send us an e-mail at sales@hcctuae.com with details. We will send you a quote immediately.

  5. Can you bring me motherboard for an old laptop?

    Send us mail at cs@hcctuae.ae and we will try to help.

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  1. What do I need to access internal from home?

    To access internet you will require to subscribe to (ISP). In Abu Dhabi you can subscribe to etisalate.ae. If you are in Dubai, you can also subscribe to du.ae. Your ISP will provide and install a modem device at your site.

    Your Internet network provider will charge you a monthly fee based on the tariff you choose. You will be given a card with username and password.

    In addition to that you will require a router. Router is device that connects you to internet network. Your router setup will require this username and password. When you switch on your router, it connects to the ISP server. Anybody connected on to your network can then access internet. 

  2. What network products do you supply?

    We sell routers, network swiches, access point devices, signal booster, network cards, network sensing devices such as Alpha, etc; ready to use network cables. We also prepare network cable of your desired length.

  3. I do not know any thing about networking. I want to access internet from all rooms.

    We provide network services in villas, flats, offices and factories. Even if you not know any thing about networking, you can contact us through e-mail and give details of what you want. Our staff will plan everything. 

    We quote to you very competitive prices, which you approve or negotiate and then approve. Our staff come to your site with all required devices, testing tools and cables, etc and complete the job. and do the job to your satisfaction.

  4. I have a new office. I want a network plan.

    We do advise on setting network for offices, homes and villa.

    Please send us details of your office and our network engineer will visit and advise after understanding your requirements.

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